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Beautiful Wedding Photography?

Hi, I’m Tim, a Hertfordshire based wedding photographer. I provide a relaxed and fun approach to my photography – ensuring you have a wonderful experience, as well as giving you a collection of carefully edited images that will beautifully tell the story of your special day.

As an experienced wedding photographer, I take my job very seriously and like to adopt a personal approach when working with my clients. I think it’s essential to build a great relationship with you and will always strive to do this.

Hertfordshire wedding photographer

These are really good photos; we are really happy with them.  Tim was so professional on the day and very unobtrusive. He made everyone feel very relaxed, which was great for someone who is not a fan of posing for photos. I would highly recommend Tim as your wedding photographer.

Sam and Gary, Coltsfoot wedding venue, Datchworth.


Professional Wedding Photography Services in Hertfordshire


Although I am a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, I’m happy to travel and have photographed weddings in a variety of venues around the UK and would be happy to photograph a destination wedding abroad, if that’s what you’re planning.  

If you haven’t made up your mind about a venue or have questions about the things you need to consider to get the best possible photographs on your wedding day, then please get in touch.

Wedding Photoshoot Hertfordshire

I am a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire who is passionate about capturing relaxed, creative, and authentic imagery that personifies the real nature of your big day. I’m passionate about natural, fluid wedding photography that captures fun, unexpected and organic moments that some other photographers might miss. 

As a professional wedding photographer who has had a passion for all things photography since I was a child, I aim to make sure that couples can rest at ease in the knowledge that they don’t need to worry about their photography. 

Although I can take a few posed shots, I aim to remain unobtrusive in order to let you enjoy your special day and forget that I’m even there, and so the day can flow uninterrupted – as it should. As well as capturing beautiful imagery on your wedding day, I can give friendly, expert advice about the different photography styles, getting the most out of your wedding photography, and talk you through which packages might suit you best according to your specific requirements or budget.

Pre-Wedding Photography Hertfordshire

As part of my “The Top Tier” wedding photography package and as an add-on, I offer an engagement photography session for couples who want to celebrate their engagement with a casual, relaxed photoshoot where they can not only capture some great memories with their fiancé, but can get to know me and become comfortable with my photography style. 

It’s important to feel familiar with your wedding photographer, and get used to being behind the camera with your partner. I offer engagement sessions so that couples can find their feet. You’ll be able to see what styles you prefer, break the ice with me, and become used to being behind the camera together. You might want to choose a location that is meaningful to you both, in comfortable clothes, where you can take your time so that you can be truly happy with your engagement photos. Whatever your individual requirements are, I’ll take time to listen to you both and create something that you’ll want to hold on to forever.

Kim and Matt’s Perfect Spring Wedding

Kim and Matt’s Perfect Spring Wedding

Saturday the 26th March was a beautiful Spring day, one of the best days of the year, with bright sunshine and summer temperatures. It was also the date that Kimberley and Matt got married at Nonsuch Mansion in Surrey.  As a Hertfordshire based wedding...