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I’ve taken photographs since I was a young boy. The earliest memory I have is of me snapping away with a pocket Instamatic film camera when I was five or six years old, on a family holiday in France.  I remember my Dad telling me off after I burned through my only roll of film on our first afternoon on the beach.  My passion grew from there and I have fond memories of developing and printing my own shots in a darkroom as a teenager. 

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 Deciding to become a professional wedding photographer was easier than I thought. Having photographed quite a few weddings as that annoying guest, it just seemed like a natural progression.

As an experienced wedding photographer, I’ve photographed at venues around the UK, and have worked with some of the best wedding photographers in the country. I am based in Hertfordshire but I’m happy to photograph weddings anywhere so please contact me for more information.


Hertfordshire wedding photographer

Everyone, no matter of age, sex, race, or gender has their own unique inner beauty that always shines at a wedding. As a couple, you will look the best you’re ever going to look – with the money you’ve spent, and the attention to detail you’ve paid to your appearance. Also, don’t forget that you will feel magnificent – after all it’s your day.


I love to capture this elegance in my photography – digitally freezing your magical moments to give you a lifetime of memories.   I also love the quirky, sometimes obscure, often funny things that happen as the ceremony moves into the evening and everyone lets their hair down.  That’s when I become invisible, immersed in the middle of the fun, the dancing, the drinking, and joking, to shoot those candid moments that will be unique to your special day.


Capturing your beautiful story

I don’t classify myself as being a documentary, natural or fine art wedding photographer; I have elements of each in my work.  I have a fluid approach – I’m happy to gently help my wedding couples with a few posed shots if they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, and will make sure any formal group shots happen as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I love to photograph the fun, romance, quirkiness, and candid moments that will be unique to your wedding, without getting in the way of you or your guests.   The most important thing is that every wedding should be fun and a day to remember. As a professional wedding photographer, my job is to create a beautiful visual story of your day as it unfolds.

Hertfordshire wedding photographer

Details Matter

Hertfordshire wedding photographer
Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

Beauty Always

Documentry wedding photgraphy

Don’t forget the fun..