Why Pay For A Professional Wedding Photographer?

Jan 9, 2021 | Weddings, Engagements and Photography

Why You Should Use A Wedding Photographer

Planning your wedding is a huge task with a million things to think about…and to pay for. As the costs start to mount up, it’s natural for most couples to look at how they can trim their costs. But when it comes to capturing your magical day, I think it’s essential that you don’t cut the cost of hiring a professional wedding photographer.  Here’s why:

It’s The Most Important Day of Your Life

Your wedding is a very special day, it’s that day when you will look and feel amazing and you will be celebrating a massive change in your life. Capturing the day, the story of your wedding on film is so important, I think it’s probably one of the most important things you can do (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a wedding photographer!).  We’ve come a long way from the days of our parent’s weddings when all the photographer did was shoot a ton of group shots in a graveyard.  For me, it’s about creating a storybook of your day and capturing everything – the beauty, the romance, and the fun.  It will be a collection of photos that will stay with you and your family for a lifetime. Here are my thoughts about why it’s important to have a professional wedding photographer:

Good Photography is So Much More Than Just Having an Expensive Camera

There’s so much more to good photography than having a good camera. I think of a Wedding Photographer as a creative artist and the camera is just one of the tools of the trade. The process of creating your wedding story begins with the camera and capturing a huge selection of images. This piece of the jigsaw isn’t as easy as it sounds.  You need someone who understands how to work with different lighting conditions and how to compose a shot.  This can make the difference between a  “meh” photo and a shot that is stunning. The next component, where the wizardry of great photography happens is at the editing stage. This element takes time, patience, and a good understanding of the editing tools.   A key piece of this process, before handing you your finished collection. This takes time, experience, and knowledge.

A Well-Meaning Friend or Relative Who Offers to Photograph Your Wedding Is Likely To Leave You Feeling Frustrated, Stressed and Disappointed.

A professional wedding photographer understands the dynamics of a wedding. This means being able to anticipate when and where the best shots can be taken, how to organise and manage group shots, and to quickly seek out the best places for beautiful couple shots of the bride and groom. They’ll understand how to capture the funny, quirky moments that happen at every wedding, especially as the evening unfolds and people start to let their hair down, they will also know how to use artificial light if it’s needed.

Finally, they will come prepared for every eventuality – spare cameras, memory cards, batteries, and enough photography kit to cope with any situation.   A good wedding photographer will help make your day run smoothly.  It takes experience to understand the flow of weddings – when key things are likely to happen and make sure they are there to capture the moment for you.   Even a talented amateur photographer, no matter how well-meaning, is unlikely to have the knowledge of how a wedding works.   The result for you could well be a few lucky shots at best and a lot of shots that aren’t going to set your world on fire.

It’s All You Have at The End of the Day

When your wedding day has been and gone there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement about seeing your photographs. It’s a chance to relive the day again and share the happy, beauty and fun moments that have been professionally captured with friends and family. Your photos, whether you store them online, have had them printed, or made into a beautiful album with stay with you for a lifetime. Imagine having a collection of photographs that so beautifully tell the story of your wedding that you will look at them and 10, 20, 30 years’ time and still have that lovely warm emotion that comes from happy memories?




Why pay for a professional photographer?

Why pay for a professional photographer?

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