Claire and Yucel

Dec 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Claire and Yucel’ s wedding was held at the Hilton Hotel, Cobham.  This turned out to be a great venue for such a beautiful and emotionally charged day.    The ceremony was held in a large airy room with a lot of natural light, (which is always a relief to any wedding photographer), and carefully laid out so those annoying things like red fire alarm signs were carefully positioned so they were out of my line of site during the very touching ceremony. 

I love it when couples take the time to write their own vows and read them to each other under the gaze of their friends and family.  I could tell from the raw emotion that both Claire and Yucel had both put a lot of thought into their vows.   

The venue also has spectacular gardens and grounds, which like the well-lit ceremony room, is a real plus for any wedding photographer as it gives a greater selection of areas for group and couple photos. This turned out to be a godsend for Claire, as her wedding day was a hot and very sunny Saturday at the end of the summer.   We found a great selection of areas around the hotel that we used for photographs without having people squinting in the sun or being bathed in dark black shadows.

As the day wore on and we worked our way through the ceremony, speeches, cake cutting, group and couple photos, it struck me just how much fun everyone was having.    I left late into the evening, long after the first dance and the start of the evening party and dancing, it had been a very special day. 

I am a Herefordshire wedding photographer who love to shoot in a relaxed style to help you have the best day possible. I’m willing to travel so please get in touch.

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