So, what should you expect from me as your wedding photographer?  I am all about relaxed and fun photography.  My overriding goal is to make sure you have a wonderful experience, as well as giving you a beautiful collection of stunning images that will tell the story of your special day as it unfolds.  As a professional wedding photographer, I’ll bring my expertise, passion, and creativity to your wedding day, photographing your precious moments, making sure I capture the beauty, elegance and fun. 

Once you have decided to book me to photograph your magical day, I will take a deposit to secure the day and I’ll  work closely with you to make sure I have all the information I need to deliver you a set of beautiful photographs.  This will include a precise list of the key moments you have planned, the time you expect them to happen, the people who will be involved, and any special photos you want capturing. This could be formal group pictures, homemade cake decorations, lucky charms, couple photos, wedding cars, wedding rings, the list is endless.


I take a relaxed and fun approach to give you an outstanding photography experience.  

I like to get to know you, your style, and your expectations from me as your wedding photographer.  This will be through a wedding consultation (or more than one if needed), that will be held online, or (preferably) face to face if this is possible. I will work closely with you so I have a clear understanding of the timing of the key events of your day, and any special shots or moments you want me to capture.

I will work hard to exceed your expectations so that the final collection I deliver touches your heart and simply stands out from the crowd.

Beautiful Photography

Jenny and Joe, Little Wymondley
Documentary wedding photography

Special moments


Every wedding has its special moments that I love to capture. For example, when you first see your bridesmaids, when your make-up and hair are finished, when you put on your magical dress and those inevitable finishing touches are complete.

Then as the day progresses and you leave for the wedding venue or church, those last precious moments before you become a married couple, and then when you first see each other at your wedding venue. Exchanging vows, the first kiss, walking arm in arm, as a married couple for the first time. Throwing the bouquet, the confetti the speeches, cutting the cake. The dance floor….

I will capture these special moments in a way that will ensure they live with you forever.


Please complete the contact form and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. 

Thank you.