Why Have an Engagement Shoot – Stoke Place Engagement Shoot.

Nov 10, 2020 | Weddings, Engagements and Photography

I was lucky to photograph an engagement shoot at Stoke Place a lovely wedding venue close to Windsor. You may already be engaged and starting to plan the big day, when you see a lot of professional photographers offering engagement shoots, either as part of their overall package or as an add-on. You’re wondering what this is all about and is it worth doing?  I want to share with you why I think an engagement shoot is such a brilliant thing to do:

It’s a Great Way to Experience Being In Front of a Camera.

A lot of people are camera shy and feel nervous or uncomfortable at the thought of having their picture taken (just as there are also people who love being in front of a camera). An engagement shoot is a great way to help you feel more relaxed when having your picture taken.  

Getting to Know Your Photographer

You may have had a meeting or two (or video call) with your photographer and feel comfortable in their presence, but having an engagement shoot will give you both a chance to get to know each other.  This is a great way to help you feel more relaxed when you have your wedding photos taken, as well as understanding how your photographer works when they have a camera in their hands. It’s also an opportunity to build up more of a personal relationship with your photographer, which in turn will make the picture taking a lot more fun on the day.  It’s important to remember that the more relaxed you are when you’re having pictures taken, the more natural you’re going to look.   

It doesn’t Just Have to be the two of you

This is also a great opportunity for you to get some lovely photos of those closest to you – if you have children then bring them along and get some lovely family photos, or why not bring the dog with you? They’re family as well.  An engagement shoot gives you a great excuse to get a selection of professional photos of you having fun with those closest to you, as well  as well as some beautiful shots of you as a couple.

Photos That Add to Your Wedding story

Having a set of photos taken before the big day, when you’re still a couple, are a great way for you to add to your love story and show how this chapter of your life when you became married unfolded. Engagement shoots make for relaxed and fun photos so this is a perfect opportunity to get some lovely photos of you both. These photos and your shoot can be as relaxed and informal as you like, however it is also a chance to dress up and have some stylish fashion shoot photos if you wish. It is your shoot so you decide what style you like, and what sort of photos you want, and who else you want to be involved.

Photos for your Wedding Day

Even if you think this is just a practice run for your wedding day, you will get some beautiful photos of you as a couple.  While these are fantastic for sharing with family and friends, they’re also brilliant for using at your wedding as well. For example, you can make save the date cards, invitations, or use them on the day itself

If you’re looking at potential wedding venues, Stoke Place is pretty spectacular. Check it out here: https://www.stokeplace.co.uk





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