Linda and Gary’s Wedding at Fanhams Hall

Jun 27, 2021 | Weddings, Engagements and Photography

It may sound like a cliché, but for me, being asked to photograph a couple’s wedding really is an honour and a pleasure – Linda and Gary’s wedding was no exception. I know, like so many couples, they had to reschedule their special day at least once because of Covid 19 and they decided on Friday, June 11th a while ago, back when no one could have predicted that restrictions would still apply when most of us thought that the pandemic would be in retreat. 

But that wasn’t the case and they had to adapt their plans to accommodate the restrictions, which meant they had a cap of 30 guests and weren’t allowed to have a proper evening do with dancing and music. Nevertheless, it was a beautifully intimate and relaxed wedding. Here’s how the day unfolded from my perspective. 

I arrived at Fanhams Hall, a stunning wedding venue near the town of Ware in Hertfordshire a couple of hours before the ceremony time of 3 pm. I always like to arrive early, it’s a great opportunity to scout around a venue and seek out the best spots for those all-important group pictures, as well as looking for special places to take the bride and groom for a collection of couples shots.  I was lucky to have a second shooter with me, Catherine ( who arrived at the same time.  I think it’s always a good idea to have a second photographer – it gives the bride and groom a bit more variety in terms of photographs from different angles, especially during the ceremony.  Fanhams Hall has some truly spectacular places for photography, the grounds surrounding the main house are large and impressive with a variety of formal gardens and water features.

I know the venue reasonably well so had no problem in tracking down Linda and started the day off by taking a few getting ready pictures. I then moved up to the next floor to the room Gary and Jordan (Gary’s best man) were using.  Gary was almost good to go, just tidying up his tie and he seemed calm as he joked around with Jordan.  I’ve seen so many grooms who are like this, trying to hide the fact that they’re really pretty nervous! 

Next, I moved into the Long Gallery – one of the ceremony rooms at Fanhams Hall and waited for Linda and Gary to arrive along with their guests. I love these few minutes of spare time in an empty ceremony room. Time to capture those special details that make every wedding a bit different. For Linda and Gary, it was the candle-lit aisle and the beautiful flower arrangements on the altar table and throughout the Long Gallery. There was also a Piper, dressed in a kilt and ceremonial dress. He started playing his classical tunes and I knew this was going to be an emotional affair – there’s something very special about the bagpipes.

Fast forward ten minutes and Gary was waiting with Jordan for Linda to arrive.  I could see he was nervous, despite his best efforts to hide it.  The room quickly filled up with their guests and then Linda appeared with Rob; she looked beautiful as she walked into the Long Gallery and made her way to the ceremony area. Gary glanced nervously around as the music played and his face lit up when he saw his bride for the first time that day. 

The ceremony was very special – short but full of emotion and feeling.  The registrar was very professional; calm and friendly, with just enough humour to tackle any nerves.  He was also photographer-friendly, which was brilliant for me.  The Long Gallery at Fanhams Hall is a perfect room for weddings, with high and intricately decorated ceilings; lots of windows (perfect for natural light) with lovely and well-maintained décor.  I was positioned behind the registrar, facing Linda and Gary, and with Catherine near the back of the room we captured every moment of this very special ceremony.

The day moved on and Linda and Gary had post-ceremony drinks before the wedding breakfast.  This was the moment when I managed to get everybody to take part in the confetti throw, followed by family and friends group photos. I then took Linda and Gary to the Japanese Garden to capture some images of just the two of them. They were driven to the gardens in a buggy by the Fanhams wedding co-originator, as Catherine and I legged it behind struggling to keep up – that’s what I call service.

The Japanese Garden is truly spectacular from a photography perspective, providing a superb range of different backdrops and scenes – including a Pagoda, ornamental ponds, and ornate footbridges.  I would definitely recommend any couple marrying at Fanhams Hall to check this out.

The wedding breakfast was just superb. I was working with Catherine in a separate area from the main event, but we got to taste some of the food (thank you Linda and Gary) and it was delicious. Then came the speeches, wow – Gary spoke for what seemed like a long time, possibly ten minutes. He spoke from the heart.  Emotional, funny, and very honest.  This magical wedding ended with the fantastic wedding cake being cut and Linda and Gary having their one and only dance as the seated guests looked on, clapping and cheering. 

People often ask me about my job and how stressful it must be, but from my perspective, being a professional wedding photographer is the best job in the world. Obviously, there is stress, like any job, but being able to capture a couple’s most important day and give them memories that will last a lifetime more than makes up for that.

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Linda’s wedding cake was her own design but was made by a family friend; Jill Turner who lives in Hertford and Linda’s florist was Andrea Crane, based in Hertford Heath.

Linda and Gary, Fanhams Hall, Ware.
Bridal preparation
Linda' and Gary's wedding at Fanhams Hall, Ware
Linda making the final touches to her wedding outfit.
Linda and gary's wedding
Linda is almost ready to walk down the aisle. A quick glass of bubbly to finish the prep!
Linda leaves her room for the wedding ceremony
A black and white shot of Linda as she prepares to leave for the wedding ceremony.
Gary and his Best Man
Gary getting ready for the wedding with Jordan his Best man
Linda and Gary's wedding.
Wedding rings at Fanhams Hall.
Linda and Gary's Wedding Guests
The guests arrive in the Long Gallery at Fanhams hall for Linda and Gary’s wedding
Here comes the bride
Linda walking up the Long Gallery in Fanhams Hall to marry Gary
Linda and Gary's wedding ceremony
A photo of the ceremony and all the guests in the Long Gallery at Fanhams Hall.
Linda and gary's wedding. Linda is given away
Linda is given away at her wedding by her friend Rob.
I do....
Linda and Gary exchanging their vows
Signing the register
Linda and Gary getting ready to sign the register
Linda and Gary - the happy couple.
Linda and Garry walk hand in hand out of the Long Gallery on their wedding day.
Linda, Gary and their guests
Linda and Gary with their guests in the grounds of Farnhams Hall.
Confetti at Fanhams Hall
A beautiful confetti throw for Linda and Gary
Confetti form Gary nad Linda
Linda and Gary’s confetti throw captured in black and white.
Gary giving his speech
Gary making a speech at his wedding.
Linda and Gary relaxing on the terrace with their guests
Linda and Gary relaxing on the terrace with their guests
Linda with her guests outside in black and white
Linda with her guests shot through an open window.
Linda and Gary dancing
Linda and Gary dancing after the wedding breakfast
Linda and Gary's wedding dance
A guest captures Linda and Gary in her phone camera
The wedding cake
Linda and Gary’s wedding cake, just before the wedding breakfast.
Fanhams Hall, Ware, the Long Gallery.
The Long Gallery at Fanhams Hall Ware.
Fanhams Hall Ware. The Great Hall.
The Great Hall, at Fanhams Hall, Ware in black and white.
Table dressing at Linda and Gary's wedding at Fanhams Hall.
A photo of some of the detail that went into making Linda and Gary’s wedding breakfast a beautiful event.
Fanhams Hall Ware has beautiful Gardens and scenery.
A walkway in the gardens of Fanhams Hall, covered with beautiful Wisteria.
Fanhams Hall, Ware. A view from the grounds.
Fanhams Hall, Ware. A photo taken from the grounds that show the splendour of this beautiful venue.
Fanhas Hall, building and grounds
Fanhams Hall, building and grounds.
A room with a view
This is the view from a window in the Long Gallery at Farnham’s Hall.
The Long Gallery, Fanhams Hall.
The Long Gallery, Fanhams Hall. Linda and Gary’s ceremony room.
Fanhams hall, Ware
Fanhams Hall Gardens
Fanhams Hall Gardens
Fanhams Hall
Fanhams Hall from the grounds, looking up towards Linda and Gary’s wedding guests




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